Tele-Medicine Consult Pack  (Includes a Tele-Consult)

Tele-Medicine Consult Pack (Includes a Tele-Consult)

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1.Tele-Med Consult Pack includes tele-consult 2.Mask Sanitiser pack 3.500ml Pump sanitiser Corona Test & Wellness pack 1 x Tele-Consult booking and tele-med consult on Zoom or WhatsApp 1 x Rapid IGG & IGM Test Kit (Approved & Validated by Sahpra) 1 x PCR Lab swab & Sputum Test Form 1 x Thermometer 1 x Tongue Depressor 1 x Hexi-Guard SF Saline Rinse 1 x Paracetamol 20 x 500mg 1 x Sinu-Relief Drops 5ml 1 x C-Guard Immune Booster with 2250mg Vit C, Zinc, Vitamin D3 & Trace CBD, B-Complex + B12, Botanical extracts, Electrolytes, Essential Minerals & Amino Acids 1 x EENT Ear, Eye, Nose & Throat Click applicator with Anti-Viral ingredients 1 x Urine Dipstix Strip 1 x Natural anti-inflammatory course 1 x ACC mucolytic course A Complete Tele-Medicine & Anti-Viral Protection pack, to help us stop the spread of the Covid-19 Virus. Includes PCR test form (for acute infection detection) and Rapid test kit for the serological test (not ideally suited for acute diagnosis of Covid-19 Virus but to detect prior or current infection antibodies from after 5-7 days of infection) You may be required to submit a nasal swab or sputum specimen if required by your doctor after the Tele-Consult asessment of your medical condition.


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